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Dry Solutions Wood & Stone

Dry Solutions’ Wood & Stone provides an invisible molecular protection layer that settles on each individual fiber of the treated surface. This prevents moisture, dirt and even UV radiation of penetrating into the treated wood or stone. The treated material retains its breathability and does not change in color.

The Wood & Stone coating can be applied to any clean, dry woods and all types of natural stone. Both, the natural look and the lifespan of the treated material, will be considerably longer. Dry Solutions’ Wood & Stone ensures that your wood and stone remain dry, and it prevents the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria. In addition, the Nano protection ensures that dirt and dust can no longer attach to the treated surface, which is therefore easy and effortless to clean with only water. There is no need for any added detergents!

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€ 59,95

Our protective formulas are lasting up to 2 years, due to the strength of the molecules and the bonding with the wood or stone. This will significantly increase the durability of the treated materials.
Dry Solutions’ Wood & Stone is an ecological, solvent-based substance which is environmental-friendly and harmless. After 24 hours the solvent is completely dissolved and the coating fully active. Dry Solutions is 100% human- and environment-friendly.

Advantages of Wood & Stone:

  • Provides immediate protection against moisture, water, oil, microorganisms, fungi, mosses and algae.
  • Resistant to frost, and reduces the attack of salts, such as chlorides.
  • Is transparent, breathable, preserves the natural appearance and extends the life of the treated material. The color or texture of the wood or stone does not change.
  • The protection is long-lasting: you save money, energy and time compared to the regular care of your wood or stone.
  • Permanent UV protection: this prevents any color changes.
  • Is biodegradable and harmless to humans and the environment.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

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