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Dry Solutions’ Textile & Leather

Dry Solutions’ Textile & Leather provides an invisible molecular protection layer that settles on each individual fiber of the treated surface. This prevents moisture, dirt and even UV radiation of penetrating into the fabric. The treated material retains its breathability and does not change in color.
The Textile & Leather coating can be applied to suede, smooth leather and household textiles, but is also extremely suitable for various sports- and recreation equipment. In addition to the water repellency, the coating also ensures that mud and other dirt can no longer attach to the treated surface. This means that treated surfaces are simple and effortless to clean, without the need of any added detergents. No longer muddy sports clothing or wet camping gear with Dry Solutions’ Textile & Leather!

Delivery time: 2-3 days
Shipping costs: free

€ 69,95

Due to the strength of the molecules and the bond with the treated materials, our protective formulas are long- lasting (up to 50 wash cycles). This will significantly increase the durability of the treated materials.
Dry Solutions’ Textile & Leather is an ecological, solvent-based substance which is environmental-friendly and harmless. After 24 hours the solvent is completely dissolved and the coating fully active. Dry Solutions is 100% human- and environment-friendly. 

Advantages of Textile & Leather:

  • Provides immediate long-term protection on the surface and deeper in the fabric, due to high penetration power.
  • Does not lead to any changes in color, texture or breathability of the treated materials.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Provides permanent UV protection: prevents changes in color due to UV.
  • Provides a long-lasting new look.
  • Eliminates the purchase of overpriced and damaging cleaning detergents.

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