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  • Do Dry Solutions Nano products also work on damaged or used items?

    As our Nano sprays protect each individual fiber, even when the structure is partly or individual fibers are damaged the Nano sprays will provide protection. 

  • Can the effect of the sprays fade away before the duration of 18 months?
    The effect can be reduced by frequent washing and use of chemical cleaners and laundry detergents. If the structure or fibers are damaged, we recommend re-application.

  • Are the products of Dry Solutions safe and environment-friendly?

    The Nano products are harmless, non-flammable, water-based or ISO and are biologically degradable. Dry Solutions is human- and environment-friendly.

  • Where do I store my Dry Solutions’ spray the safest?

    The spray is best kept at room temperature and out of reach of children.

  • Can Dry Solutions’ products affect the color of the treated items?

    The spray is transparent and does not leave any stains. The color remains intact and is even better protected by outside factors, such as UV-radiation. If too much fluid is used and is not removed, you basically get a layer on top of a layer. This layer is fortunately easy to remove, because there is no chemical bond between the two layers.

  • Can the effect of the products be different on different surfaces?

    The products protect the fibers, but do not close of the fiber network.  Some substances have a more complex structure than others. The protection depends on how close or how strong the structure of the fibers is. If water or other liquid substances still penetrate through pressure or volume, the fibers are always well protected and permanent damage is prevented.